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World Without Time/Crime Limerick

Updated: May 4, 2022


Love was the heart of the head up there in my hair. Love drew crayoned ponds of art beyond compare. Wherever I came, she touched my self-made soul. We shared the same goals and blame and control. God created a myth that was somehow never fated to be mine… Now I wait patiently at Forever’s gate for a world without time.

There’s a trinity of hyperbole encumbering the cucumber of ‘3’. There’s harmony for the apple tree and infinity for you and me. We took a stroll to the chapel, and you shook my soul. You darted into my heart as the artful looks took control. Fate may grind on your state of mind, but leave mine behind… I won’t grieve Forever at the gate to a world without time.

In my single bed, I forget to forgive my own troubled double head. If only the heart of the truth lives, is part of its youth already dead? That truth is absurd! Something’s unsaid! I’ll follow forever wherever I’m led. I heard an eternity’s worth of birds swallowing the words that they once bled. I read the signs: they wed the herd to rhyme, and so I tread the line… Soon I will never see Forever’s moon again in a world without time.

When she arrived in my dream, I was alive in the comma of a coma. I woke with a hellish scream, for I well knew I smelt her aroma. God created this myth that was somehow never fated to be mine… Now I wait patiently at Forever’s gate for a world without time. Fate may grind on your state of mind but leave mine behind… I’ll never grieve Forever at the gate to a world without time.

CRIME THRILLER by Dominic Francis
There was a crime committed long ago When time turned the rain into snow Nobody had hands and trees populated the land Before the creation of science as we understand When God and Satan became friend and foe
Though a nod is usually as good as a wink God must have forgot nobody could think The Garden of Eden smelt of sweet freedom But God was so greedy Satan didn’t need him And their relation-ship started to sink
There was talk that Satan discovered Love He tempted Adam with something called a glove There was a rivalry between Adam and the creator Each party believed themselves to be greater And neither saw the symbolism of the dove
Satan tricked Adam and tried to fix his game But God straightened Satan’s rainbow all the same Saying, “Hey, things don’t have to be this way – If you don't know love, then what is there to betray?” Satan laughed as Cupid himself took aim.
The wars of God and Satan were born in time Each had a vision of a future beautiful and sublime The cops are still trying to apprehend the guilty party Even great theologians only understand the truth partly: Is loving the work of God's Devil such a crime?

by Dominic Francis

Dreaming to the rhythm of jazz & drinking to the sacred blindness of angels, screaming for the sunken prophecy, hurling the Book of Changes to its resting place, my therapist tells me that the beginning has ended and it’s time to start again, my therapist thinks I’m gay so I started hitting on her to complicate the diagnosis, my therapist doesn’t even exist, but now she’s pregnant and it’s all my fault! Epiphanies! Confucius! Einstein! What happened to the sin of following? What happened to the message? What happened to the massacre?
(Where are you Mother? Where are the weepy-eyed relatives that came for you? What happened to the snoring man you slept with occasionally? He’s gone, Mother, you took him with you and now he’s nothing! This is the beginning of the end, Mother, the beginning of the penultimate breakdown! O the Bliss has stolen my innocence we are ready to undertake the final picnic in heaven!)
O, what happened to all the drunken triumphs and golden touches? It’s all eroded into the endless machinery of dawn and the secret insatiability of appetite has returned to fool the lot of us. It’s always been easier to fall in love than to be alone, and now even that’s gone too.
O fool me through the darkness O fool me like a cat O fool me like you fool yourself O fool me like a rat
O sing a song of sorrow Where the docks and water fight And the old soul singers sing a song Until the soul emerges light
I breathe my breath for birth and death I left the rest behind I tried to turn to Jesus But the Christians changed my mind
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