Born on February 13th, 1993, Dominic Francis (Walking Doctor Tonnan) arrived at University, got kicked out after writing an essay about marijuana, jumped off an eighty foot bridge & into a two-month coma, then started to write the 42,000 word novella 'THE INAUGURATION OF INSANITY' (which can be read  for free electronically below or bought physically here). After finding cadence in his work, he started to put poetry to music. He won the Reuel prize for upcoming poet in 2017. His song ‘FLU BLUES’ was featured on a BBC World-Service programme about mental health and music also in 2017. It has been rumoured that Dominic has read over 9 books & can play guitar slightly better than the average person born in 1993. He has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder.

THE INAUGURATION OF INSANITY (synopsis of the erotic novella)


Starting at Hobbling University in a distant world, Tonnan - our narrator - falls in love with a woman called Xinx .

“Every once in a while, a remarkable person takes centre stage in your life and that person seems to epitomise all the dreams that you deem sacred. When you’re with that person, the world is exactly how you’ve always wanted it to be.”

Rockland, a likeable free spirit, also becomes infatuated with Xinx.

“Rockland is a man who prospers when left alone: his spirit is driven by amphetamine nights bawling at random tombstones after stints of drinking at the Old Horse, sober days spent courting the spirit world in underwear, weeded weekends writing long love letters he claims communicate the inexpressible, and other larks like lethargically lulling a lady late in labour in the library.”

Tonnan and Rockland are training to be doctors. Rockland prophesies that something bad will happen to Tonnan, and it does.

“I can’t say where I would be were it not to happen as it does, but a cataclysmic apocalyptic force opposing my material, science-based existence would soon accelerate like a falling moon onto the metal metropolises of my otherwise unremarkable world and hundreds of lives would be hurled headlong into the heart of a localised Armageddon.”

Absurdly comic, erotic and poetic, 'The Inauguration of Insanity' is a love story about the traversing of the multiverse.