Walking Doctor Tonnan has released three musical albums: ‘Welcome to Planet Earth', 'Worlds that Lovers Bent' and 'Twice the Price of Paradise'. He plays guitar and sings. 


Tonnan's first novel, "God's Pretty Game of Grotesque Puppets" is a fantastical yet autobiographical series of vignettes: 'The Sun Always Sets in the West', 'Happy Tears in Love with a Cold', 'The Inauguration of Insanity', 'The Mother of Infinity'', and 'The Devil Can't & God Won't'.

Born on February 13th 1993, Tonnan arrived at Warwick University, got sent to an insane asylum after writing an essay about marijuana, jumped off an eighty-foot bridge & into a two-month coma, got kicked out of Warwick University, and then started to write a novel and sing his poems. He has worked a variety of jobs, finding that he is only slightly impaired by his physical disability. These jobs include writing articles for Magic Care, volunteering in the British Heart Foundation, and an admin role for the Selby Trust.

Tonnan won the Reuel International Prize for Upcoming Poet in 2017. His song 'Flu Blues' was featured on a BBC-World service programme about mental health & music also in 2017.  He has read all the fiction of F. Scott Fitzgerald & Haruki Murakami & Jack Kerouac & Fernando Pessoa, and also loves the poetry of Allen Ginsberg & Frank O'Hara & Leonard Cohen & Alexander Pope & Elizabeth Bishop & Bob Dylan & John Keats & Shakespeare.